Our Levels


The Foundational Level is crafted for beginner goaltenders (0-2 years of experience). This program offers goaltenders a strong set of vital fundamentals that reinforce correct goaltender specific movements and correct positioning around the net. By the end of this level, goaltenders will have mastered basic stance, basic movement and skating techniques, proper save selection and proper recovery. The mental and emotional parts of being a goaltender will be introduced here. Students will be introduced to our Pro-Angle and Deflector equipment.


The Advanced Level is crafted for goaltenders with strong foundational skills (3+ years of experience). This program builds on the goaltender’s knowledge of a strong foundation. Goaltender’s now apply there saves to various situations based on circumstance. They continue learning why we use certain saves in certain circumstances and why we don’t use others. By this time, goaltenders will have their own unique style. Goaltender specific drills involving game situations are now more meaningful because goaltenders start to understand various circumstances at a greater level.

The Advanced Level trains goaltenders to start understanding the game to a higher degree and gives them various options according to game circumstances. By the end of the Advanced Level, goaltenders will be able to better identify game circumstances and react accordingly, they will also be able to critique their own game and see where they excel and where improvement is needed. The mental and emotional part of goaltending will continue to be built on. Students will continue working with our Pro-Angle and Deflector equipment.


The Elite Level is crafted specifically for goaltenders who have fully completed and mastered the Foundational and Advanced levels and demonstrate a willingness to continue training and improving (A / AA / AAA). This level continues building on the Foundational and advanced levels, however, expectations change. Expectations increase in the areas of speed, execution, control, skating and positioning. In addition, the Elite level continues goaltender mental and emotional training. It brings it to a higher level, in which goaltenders will start to realize the reasons for emotional let downs and looks more in depth at bouncing back from a bad goal and/or game.

The Elite Level prepares goaltenders for the mental and physical aspects of the game. It begins to fully emphasize the importance of pre-game preparation and meals, the importance of visualization, the intricacies of playing at an elite level and athleticism. The Elite level begins at the Peewee level and up and is available to goaltenders close to AAA and/or playing AAA. Students will continue working with our Pro-Angle and Deflector equipment.


The Master Level is specially crafted for goaltenders graduating from the Elite level and going on to play Junior, Major Junior or College/ University hockey. Everything learned from the beginning is reinforced at a much higher level of intensity. Goaltenders will have much higher expectations and be expected to demonstrate a mastery of goaltending. Goaltenders at this level will be expected to complete goaltender specific off ice training at a high intensity.

Goaltenders completing the Master Level will have a very good understanding of the art of anticipation and how to recognize player patterns. This program focuses on athleticism and how/when to be aggressive in the net. By the end of the Master level, goaltenders will be ready for Pro hockey.


The Pro level is crafted for goaltenders who have completed the Master level and want to be a pro goaltender. Goalies at this level will be required to complete written self assessments, goal setting documents and complete consistent game evaluation forms. This level requires a life style change. Nutrition will be thoroughly studied. Pre and post game routines should be mastered at this level with slight adjustments. Students will continue working with our Pro-Angle and Deflector equipment.