Training Program

1. Briefing - Training - Debrief:

This format is essential when it comes to fully understanding every skill worked on during each training session. The briefing section sets the tone of the training session by clearly outlining what will be worked on during the session.
The training session takes place and a debrief follows. During the debrief, goalies will be shown what they accomplished and what they can continue working on. Goalies will be filmed and shown where they are at and how they have improved. This will be done through the use of an HD camera that will capture there every move.

2. Communicating with Defenceman:

It is so important for goalies to communicate with their defencemen. Goalies can see plays develop and guide them accordingly. Hockey is a very quick game, goalies must use short phrases to get their points across. Communicate about screens and open players. This allows defencemen to not have to think too much and just react. Notifying defencemen about player coming out of penalty box is done by slapping stick on ice repeatedly, this could mean the difference between a breakaway and a defenceman covering the player coming out of the penalty box.

3. Beat the Pass:

It is vital to beat the pass at all times. Goalies will use a shuffle or a t-push when appropriate to move around their crease. When shuffling or t-pushing around the crease each movement must be done with a hard push and a hard stop. This allows the goalie to be in position and get set before the player shoots the puck or passes to a teammate.